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Top 1-50 Java scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Forum Servlet
Forum Servlet is a message forum java servlet. Your mobile users can also use it, as this supports WAP/WML also. You have to provide a configuration file describing how to save messages as well as various interface settings for each of your forum.

2)   Yazd Discussion Forum Software
This is a discussion forum software. Using an admin interface this can be easily configured. Supports conversion of HTML text into displayable text and URLs to actual links. Supports total web based administration and customization.

3)   MessageBoard
This is a message board that performs functions like e-mail notification and WAP/WML clients. You can save your data in the flat file (files) or database-based persistence as each board supports file-based persistence.

4)   Jive Forums
This is a flexible and reliable off-the-shelf discussion form application that can handle heavy traffic. It is a simple and powerful interface in which messages can be viewed in flat, threaded tree mode. It enables the users to view the most popular topics from the main forum page.

5)   CSGuestbook
CSGuestbook can enable viewers to sign and view multiple electronic guestbooks. This can be used with or without SSI and just one servlet can handle numerous guestbook. Also supports various layout styles.

6)   JSP Form Action Page
JSP Form Action Page is the tutorial which explains how to use this action page to store the input into a MySQL database. Author guides users by some screenshots in this webpage.

7)   Advanced form processing using JSP
This article explains the method of processing of HTML user registration forms using JSP and JavaBeans while executing the Memento design pattern. To thoroughly exploit this article you must be aware of basics of JSP syntax.

8)   Java World Clock
Java World Clock caters to all the 24 time zones at the same time. It allows you to select a select a time zone other than your location. You can also select daylight time and AM/PM.

9)   Displaying Records from the Database using Java Servlets.
This article explains how to display records from the database using Servlets. This tutorial uses a Microsoft Access database, explains how to create a DSN for it and displays records from a given table using JDBC driver.

10)   mvnForum
mvnForum is a java servlet discussion board based on MVC architecture and possesses built-in database connection pool. It supports automatic login and realm authentication. It is currently localized in English, Vietnamese, Russian, and traditional Chinese languages.

11)   ProgressBar
ProgressBar can be incorporated into you web page to display a progress bar with a text message and a cancel button. The progress bar can be accommodated in any given area and colors can be specified.

12)   Updating records in the Database using JDBC with Java Servlets
This is an article that tells you how to use JDBC with Java Servlets to update records into database. Updating a database with a JDBC class ‘PreparedStatement’ is more efficient than using Statement class method. The article provides step-by-step instruction to update the records and an online demo

13)   Cewolf
This can be used to embed graphical chart like line, pie, plot, scatter, wind, bar chart etc into a Servlet/JSP based web application. Provides a full-featured tag library to define all properties of the chart like colors, legend, strokes etc.

14)   DHTML Vertical Scroller
DHTML Vertical Scroller implements a smooth scroll effect with smooth animation and is cross browser compatible. The scrolling messages can be customized in a separate data file.

15)   Burning Slide Show
Burning Slide Show displays pictures moving from one to another by burning the images and smoothly moves to the to the next picture with fade effect.

16)   Free Scrolling Text Applet
Free Scrolling Text Applet is a java applet text scroller that can scroll any text and displays it on the web pages. This is a simple and easy to use program.

17)   Dynamic Web-based data access using JSP and JDBC technologies
This tutorial discusses the application of JSP technology to relational databases through Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) that can put together static, dynamic and database content in web sites.

18)   CSTreeBean
CSTree can provide a tree view as the HTML tables in any Java Server Pages. It holds the tree statically and uses JDBC to populate from a database. It can handle large and deep trees containing hundreds or even thousands of nodes.

19)   aipwater
aipwater is a visual effect java applet to display water effect on an image in real time. The animation can be displayed at a random center or at mouse location. The image can have a URL link.

20)   JLayer classic
JLayer classic is a powerful audio and sound utility program with which users would be able to effectively decode MPEG audio formats.

21)   Webmatic Water
This is a java visual effect applet that can enhance your webpage with a wonderful water visual effect over any background image. The applet can have any image of your choice.

22)   Horizontal Scroller Pro
Horizontal Scroller Pro is a java applet scroller that helps users to get text from a text file and to scroll them horizontally. They can scroll even images on their web pages.

23)   Sending E-Mails with JSP Pages
This article tells you how to send e-mails using JSP pages and also explains the practices for summarizing re-usable code in JavaBean. The article includes the explanations dealing with sending emails, the system and server requirements etc.

24)   SLIPPER Vertical Scrolling SlideShow Applet
SLIPPER Vertical Scrolling SlideShow Applet is a script based on java, which helps the webmsters in creating a slide show on their websites. Users can show their slides by scrolling it vertically by using this script.

25)   Free Simple Countdown
Free Simple Countdown counts down to a specific target. It allows you to specify the format in which the count down has to be done and also the format in which the result has to be displayed.

26)   World Clock
World Clock displays the current of time the selected city of any part of the world. You can select the city from a drop down menu from a list of 40 major cities of the world.

27)   Animated Image Viewer
Display your photos, images of your products or family snaps on the internet in an interactive, smoothly animated, and space efficient java applet ! Display any number or size of images in any size applet (JPEG or GIF). Auto thumbnail functionality, with zoom animation on selection.

28)   Local Time Digital Clock
Local Time Digital Clock can display your local time to your visitors anywhere over the world. It can also show the GMT/UTC time instead. It allows you to hide the leading zero of the date and time.

29) is a site that offers free open source servlets, which include sending emails, sending and retrieving electronic postcards, counter, guestbook, random quote, random image, discussion board, form processor etc.

30)   DS Lightning
This java applet can display a lightning effect over any image supplied by you. You can also supply an image and a scroll text over the animation. You can customize the lightning frequency, flash frequency etc by configuring the parameters.

31)   ChatXM
ChatXM is an excellent online chat program with which you can integrate online message board software on your website with dynamic rooms for realtime live chatting.

32)   Chat Client/Server
Chat Client/Server is a communication application for use by any large corporates. It can operate on any platform that supports Java. You can execute this from the command line.

33)   tScroll
tScroll is a applet to scroll text either vertically or horizontally with or without animation effects like fade and fill. This reads the text to be scrolled from a data file.

34)   Analog Clock
Analog Clock displays time of your time zone. This displays an analog clock and even allows you to draw a crude analog clockface.

Digital clock in pseudo-3D drawn from scratch using grass-roots AWT methods.

36)   CountdownClock
Countdown clock is an applet clock in Java, which does countdown from the time given to it. Customizable parameters include fonts and its colors and the countdown time.

37)   Calling a JavaBean from a JSP Page
This is a simple chapter that explains how to call JavaBean from within a JSP page. The article explains the three JSP tags provided to make use of JavaBean. The online demo enables the user to know more about the methods of application of JavaBean.

38)   Applet Turnpage
Applet Turnpage is an applet built on java which can be used to create a slide show on any website. It shows the images in a turn page style.

39)   Slide Show
Slide Show is a java applet that can display text or images in a slide mode and scroll them. This program has many enhaced features.

40)   jspChart
JspChart can dynamically crate any standard graphs like line, bar, arc, surface etc. The charts can be created by acquiring data from a database. Supports GIF and PNG format. It can generate images without creating a temporary file.

41)   How JSP Works: Servlets and JavaServer Pages
This is an article guides the users or the programmers to implement jsp through servlets. It is an useful article for the beginners of JSP and Servlets.

42)   aipripple
aipripple is a visual effect java applet to display ripple effect on any image. The animation can be displayed at a random center or at mouse location. The image can have a URL link.

43)   ImageView
ImageView is an effective online java beans that allows webmasters to visualize and preview images such as JPEG and GIF formats from the source files.

44)   JuteForum
JuteForum is a program which is an easy to setup community tool that supports covalently threaded and dynamic discussions on any website. This program provide enhanced features for the users.

45)   Snow
This an amazing visual effect applet having a snow falling effect over an image. You can supply any of your favorite images into this applet. The applet can have a URL link.

46)   Spfol JSP Forum
A jsp forum application solutions, SPFOL JSP FORUM, bulletin board (forum) built on the Java J2EE technology (Jsp/Servlet and JavaBean),which improves performance and stability.

47)   scrollup
Scrollup is scrolls text at a specified. It supports use of images and auto-wrapped text, which it reads and reloads from a text file. The scroll text can also be specified with a link.

48)   ChatBuilder :: IRC WebChat Software
ChatBuilder :: IRC WebChat Software is an IRC applet built on java, which provides its service in chat. This program can be used by the users as a chat system on their websites.

49)   WBCalendar
This is a java servlet that helps you to schedule your events by providing you an online calendar. The servlet supports different views like calendar view, add event, modify event, list view etc.

50)   FadingNews
This text effect applet can display text messages fading between them. The delay time between the messages and pause time can be configured in the parameters. Each message can have a hyperlink.

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