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Top 1-50 Remotely Hosted scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   VizionBB FREE Hosted Forums
This is an online remotely hosted discussion board program that allows users to post topics on the forums to discuss various issues online. This tool supports unlimited forums and it has a powerful search utility.

2)   Bravenet Message Forums
Bravenet Message Forums is a very powerful discussion board software designed to assist webmasters to create and manage their own online community with world wide interactions.

3)   BlaBla4U Forums
A full featured forum system can be added into your site using this hosted application. Supports own presentation with forums, advertisement and banner links, search engine and much more.

4)   Remotely Hosted YaBB
This is a remotely hosted message board service which is dedicated to providing you the most current information and resources available. It is free to use, the version that it uses is 1.0 .

Free invision board discussion board hosting. Instant setup with no need for any technical knowledge.

6)   Forumat Forums
This is a remotely hosted discussion board program through which you can install PHPbb and IPB forum on your websites with a personalized control panel.

7)   EAphpbb Free Forum Hosting
Free phpbb forum with great support. Free subdomain, your own logo, hundreds of skins, many languages, may have no ads, free phone support. All 100% free. Just check us out!!

8)   Free CGI Resources Guestbook
Free CGI Resources Guestbook is a guestbook script which permits the users to make several entries in the guestbook. This script can be installed and handled easily by the users.

9)   Web-Resource Forums
Web-Resource Forums is a simple online remotely hosted discussion board program designed to freely host forums on website with secured database support for all webmasters.

10)   Site Gadgets Guest Book
Site Gadgets Guest Book is a guestbook program which allows the visitors to post comments on your website. A handy tool for the webmasters and the users.

11)   Denis Gorelik's Free guestbook
Through this remotely hosted guestbook application website visitors would be able to post their comments, thoughts and suggestions to website owners.

12) Free phpBB
Free Remotely Hosted phpBB Forums with No Ads.

13)   Customizable Guestbook
Customizable Guestbook is a remotely hosted service that allows webmasters to have a sophisticated GuestBook program for their own websites.

14)   Forum Hoster Premium
Forum Hoster Premium is a simple online forum based discussion board software integrated with an unique file manager to effectively manage all forum files of your discussion board.

15)   Cool Guestbook
Free hosted guestbook. Customize to match your website's layout or use our cool default AbercrombieAndFitch. Use our free buttons or put a sign guestbook form on your site or myspace.

16)   Free Website Guestbooks
Free Website Guestbooks is a guestbook program which permits the users to add a guest book to their website. The visitors can post several comments in the guestbook that could be controlled by webmasters.

17)   Guestbook Central
Guestbook Central is an easy to maintain remotely hosted guestbook application. Your visitors can post their views and comments on the book after you approve them officially.

18)   SITE PRO : FREE Short URL Domain Name & Website Rotator
SITE PRO offers you a best way to get short URL for your website with a extension and offers you additional facilities such as a personal email ID with extension, website rotator system and much more.

19)   HostedPHPScripts Guestbook
HostedPHPScripts Guestbook is a guestbook program which permits the users to add comments in the guestbook. This script can be easily handled and installed by the users.

20)   Prozilla's Forum Service
This is a powerful program through which you can create forums for your website to enable your site visitors to post topics for online discussions.

21)   Forumer-free InvisionBoard hosting
Forumer-free InvisionBoard hosting is a simple remotely hosted discussion board software with which admins can incorporate discussion boards on their website.

22)   HostedScripts Guestbook
HostedScripts Guestbook is a guestbook script where the users can post messages with name, email address and url in the guestbook. Users can setup their guestbook to their requirements.

23)   phpBB2
Through this remotely hosted bulletin board software you can post latest upgrades and other important announcements on your website through the powerful admin control panel.

24)   Free Professional Guestbook
Free Professional Guestbook is a guestbook script which allows the users to make entries in the guestbook. This script can be installed and handled easily by the users.

25)   ChattCity
ChattCity Chatrooms are much like Old chatrooms. HTML WebBased chat, get your own room free! Thay are great for anyone who has a website and wants to add a remotely hosted chatroom....

26)   eyucca power guestbook
eyucca power guestbook is a guestbook program which permits the users to post comments in the guestbook. The users can provide a date stamp for each entries in the guestbook.

27)   Website Toolbox Guestbooks
Website Toolbox Guestbooks is a guestbook program which permits the visitors to post their messages on your website directly. This script can be easily configured by the users.

28)   UltraGuest free guestbook
UltraGuest free guestbook is a guestbook script which permits the users to post multiple messages in the guestbook. This script provides spam protecting facility for the users.

29)   SlimeBook
This guestbook service lets you customize almost EVERY part of your guestbook. Leaving you with the flexability and control you need. Also, there are templates you can choose from to use as your guestbook design.

30)   My Computer's GuestBook
My Computer's GuestBook is a powerful guest book application designed with customizable field and background colours helping admin to enhance their online interaction with site visitors.

31)   BFN Countdown Timer
Add a countdown time to any HTML document. Customizable time-zone

32)   PayPal IPN handler for single item and shopping cart
With this PayPal IPN handler system, you can sell your products online in a secured manner. You will be provided with a BUY NOW and ADD TO CART buttons that you can paste in your website. The server processes the IPN details and allows the customer to download products immediately.

One of the most feature rich free guestbook service you will find. WYSIWYG editor for owner, lots of smilies, SPAM protection, easy removal of unwanted messages, guestbook stats, and unlimited entries.

34)   Free-CGI Guestbook
This is a powerful guestbook application using which your visitors can enter their opinion about your web services and products. As an admin you have the full right to edit their comments.

35)   simcoweb guestbook
simcoweb guestbook is a guestbook program which permits the users to create guestbook and can make entries through a web browser. This script can be easily installed, handled and configured by the users.

36)   Alxnet Guestbook
Using this easy to integrate remotely hosted application website owners can offer guestbook features to all their site visitors and customers to post their messages.

37)   Web Poll Tool
Web Poll Tool is a remotely hosted script and is an online poll system that helps site visitors to post opinions and helps users to implement poll results into their websites.

38)   012 Guestbook
012 Guestbook is a remotely hosted guestbook program that can be integrated on any active website to enable visitors to post their comments and feedback about the website and its services.

39)   OnSubmit
OnSubmit is a powerful search engine submission tool that provides a convenient platform for registering your website on popular search engines.

40)   Servis GuestBook
This is an remotely hosted guestbook application which allows your website vistors to post their comments about your website and services. This guestbook application is easy to handle.

41)   Compact Vision - Guestbook
This is an online guestbook application which helps website visitors to post comments and suggestions to website owners. This guestbook application is customizable and can be easily handled by the users. This application has 'Censor Words' feature that helps you to avoid swear word.

Get your own 100% Free GuestBook !! Just had the link to your GuestBook on your site so your Visitors can sign it - You can totally change GuestBook Design, - Moderate GuestBooks Posts - You can Ban Poster IP - Visitors can use Smileys in they post - Add your OWN Logo

43)   Ardice Guestbook
Remotely hosted guestbook written in perl.

44)   Richard Wallman's Guestbook
You can implement this XHTML based guestbook on your website with your own layout through CSS style sheets to enable users to post their comments.

45)   9GIF.COM - Free Short url Redirection
Offers free short url redirection service such as with cloaking and meta tags support.

46)   Dwipage Guestbook
Our Guestbook is the perfect way to let your visitors leave a public message for you. Simple, but powerfull, so you don't need programming knowledge and you can setup for less than 1 minute. No ads, no pop up. Easy to setup and edit. Put your own logo and background.

47)   AllFreecruit
Webmasters gets a free jobboard for your website. It posts every job that one of your users posts to 100s of other popular job boards for free.

48)   FAQ Builder
FAQ Builder helps you to create and manage a FAQ and knowledge database section on your website quickly. With unique features it provides complete control over your pages.

49)   Shout box
A Shout box(known as Chatter box or Tag board) is a free service that allow your site visitor chat with you. It is easy to set up, and fully customizedable.

50)   TStarMAP ( PHP Guestmap script )
This small script is the most simple and most browser compatible GUESTMAP script available.

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