Top 1-50 Visual Basic scripts

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1)   Semi VB Decompiler
Semi VB Decompiler a tool to use to help recover information/inspect a Visual Basic 4/5/6 compiled program either (exe, dll, or ocx). Check out the website to see what Semi VB Decompiler can do.

2)   Function to Parse a URL
The users to parse URL can use this article since it is provided with a URL parsing ASP function. This is an easy to understand tutorial.

3)   VB6 to C#
Vb6ToCS is an assistant tool that converts Visual Basic 6.0 projects to Visual C# .NET.

4)   ActiveSocket Network Communication Toolkit
Network Socket Communication Toolkit. Add network facilities to your ASP, Visual Studio or Visual Studio .NET application or VBScript script.

5)   Freevbcode
This is an online VB resource site. Users can download source codes for free and submit their own source codes to be listed. Codes are available a wide range of categories like, files and control, files and directories, network and internet etc.

6)   Interclasse VB Scripts
This is website that offers free to download VB scripts for users developing and programming needs. Scripts are listed under several categories like, password decoder, database, VBE decoder, IP ranger class etc.

7)   VBScript Forum
VBScript Forum is an online community for Visual Basic Script. Webmasters and Programmers can come and post questions or comments in the discussion board.

8)   Basic drawing program
This tutorial doesn't just show you how to make a simple drawing program, it also teaches you things like error handling. Good for beginners who want some hands-on approach.

9)   NTPort Library
NTPort Library enables your Win32 applications to real-time direct access to PC I/O ports without using the Windows Drivers Development Kit(DDK).

10)   Visual Basic Explorer
VB Explorer..the award winning place for the novice VB programmer to learn Visual Basic! The site features tutorials, source code you can download, tips and tricks and even a forum where you can talk with other programmers! So check us out!

11)   Advanced VBScript Backup Software Script
This enhanced VBScript has all of the features of the free version, and also allows for multiple copies of files, has error detection and notifications, and detection of duplicates.

12)   Appointment Book
Appointments Book is an easier cost effective way to organize appointments and customers. It is user friendly, accurate, and has back up and restoration features.

13)   VB 6.0 vs. VB.NET
VB 6.0 vs. VB.NET is an informative article which disscusses about the changes in Visual Basic.NET. VB.NET belongs to the .NET framework which provides a shared development environment.

14)   xp icons
xp icons for use in visual basic applications

15)   How to get started with Visual Basic .NET
Before you can learn how to develop applications with Visual Basic .NET, you need to become familiar with the .NET Framework, Visual Studio .NET, and the Microsoft Development Environment.

16)   VBusers
This is a VB and VBA website that offers free to download VB source code for user developing and programming needs. Users can also post their own source codes or search the existing code.

17)   C-Sharpener For VB
Automatically convert VB.Net projects to C# with C-Sharpener for VB.

18)   The Panic Button
The Panic Button, hides all your open windows when you press a button and then brings them back when you want to see them all.

19)   SocketTools Library Edition
The SocketTools Library Edition API has over 800 functions which can be used to develop applications that meet a wide range of needs. SocketTools covers it all, including uploading and downloading files, sending email and much more

20)   ActiveComport Serial Port Toolkit
Serial Port and Modem Toolkit for Windows platforms. Control your serial port from any ASP, Visual Studio or Visual Studio .NET application or VBScript script.

21)   ChequePRO Cheque Printing writing System
ChequePRO (Cheque Printing writing Software)

22)   teeChart Pro ActiveX
32 bit ActiveX / COM Charting Component for Visual Studio,IIS, NET and other COM programming environments. It provides hundreds of properties and methods to create hundreds of chart styles in 2D,3D and OpenGL. For Windows and the Web.

23)   AppointmentQuest Online Scheduling Software
Online scheduling software for small businesses and professional practices. Facilitates online appointment scheduling between service providers and customers, internal employee and resource scheduling.

24)   Extreem-VB
Extreem-VB is a website that offers information about Visual basic, website forum and downloads.

25)   Fast Code Generator
MyCodeGenerator is a software product for Visual Basic and C# developers.By using MyCodeGenerator you can create a complete data access layer in seconds.

Microsoft's Visual Basic Source on the Web. Offers help on Visual Basic.

27)   VBScript Backup Software Script
This configurable VBScript data backup Windows utility script completely automates the process of backing up all of your critical files.

28)   Morovia Barcode ActiveX
Morovia Barcode ActiveX is an extremely powerful ActiveX control for creating high quality barcode images. It can be used in any ActiveX-compliant environment such as Microsoft Excel, Word, Visual Basic, Visual C++, FoxPro, Delphi, C++ Builder and Visual Studio .Net.

29)   IP*Works! CC Visual Basic Edition
Components for validation, authorization, and transaction settlement of credit cards.

30)   ITtoolbox Portal For Visual Basic
ITtoolbox offers a web portal for programming languages including Visual Basics.

31)   Dotnetdoc
This is an online resource site for dotnetnuke and developers. This site offers scripts, programs and patches for free. Users can sign for newsletters, forums and blogs.

32)   uCertify MCSD .NET MCAD - 70-305, Exam Simulation
150 Questions with detailed explanation, Study notes, Articles and How tos. Intractive Exam simulation, for Microsoft VB .NET and VS.NET Exam. Based on Latest Microsoft Exam pattern.

33)   IP*Works! S/MIME Visual Basic Edition
Send and Receive Signed or Encrypted Messages with 128-bit S/MIME Security.

34)   Webhelpers
Webhelpers is a website that provides VB CGI scripts, programs and tutorials for the beginners to develop the web application from the scratch.

35)   ActiveEmail SMTP E-mail Toolkit
SMTP e-mail Toolkit. SMTP E-mail and NNTP news delivery from any ASP, Visual Studio or Visual Studio .NET application or VBScript script.

36)   ASP Painter
This visual basic component will assist you to manage your image system more easily. Using this tool you can upload and can create new images on the fly. Ability to merge image pictures.

37)   SupaFTP
SupaFTP provides the easier tools that are needed to implement the file uploading tasks effectively. Offers faster and reliable FTP clients. Works with VIsual Basic supported platforms.

38) offers an online discussion forum as well as resources for Visual Basic.

39)   RBarcodeX
Barcoding activeX for ASP and Visual Basic. Supports all major 1D symbologies: EAN, UPC, code 128, code 39, PDF417, codabar ....

40)   Sparkle
This set of DLL, ActiveX and/or Delphi component lets your software user to create a full-featured, distributable screen saver using your application and Macromedia Flash movie (*.swf).

41)   SocketTools Scripting Edition
The SocketTools Scripting Edition consists of scripting components for Internet and intranet application development. All major protocols are supported, and the components can be used in a wide variety of development environments

42)   HotHTML 3 Professional
HotHTML 3 Professional is a development tool for users to write Java, HTML, and .NET, PHP, Java, C#, Visual Basic, and C C ++.

43)   SocketTools Secure Visual Edition
The SocketTools Secure Visual Edition consists of ActiveX components for Internet and intranet application development. Standand and secure connections with 128-bit encryption using SSL/TLS protocols are fully supported.

44)   IP*Works! SSL Visual Basic Edition
Powerful SSL-Security Enabled Internet Components for Professional Developers.

45)   Image Manager
Image Manager supports Visual Basic program to manipulate image processing effectively. Allows you to view the full size of images and provides several tools to manage large sized pictures.

46)   nBit HTML Viewer ActiveX
A HTML viewer activeX control for Content Management System developers. Integrates with ease into any development environment that support activeX controls.Pefect for the developer who wants to display media rich HTML content in their applications.

47)   FACbuttons
Add command buttons such as front, accept, and cancel on your website.

48)   Quick MAXcoding
This website offers and VB source code, compilers, tutorials for the beginners to create VB scripts and programs. Users can also submit their own articles or news to this site.

49)   KeyIC Payment Gateway
KeyIC provides a Payment Gateway. We pride ourselves as being the gateway "by developers and for developers." We include more tools for integration into all applications than any other Payment Gateway.

50)   .NET Resources at
Code samples, book and DVD reviews, slide decks for presentations on VB.NET/ADO.NET

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