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X-Forum bulletin board - Perl - Discussion Boards

  • Name
X-Forum bulletin board
  • Version
  • Author
Diederik van der Boor
  • Cost
  • Operating System
  • Category
Perl / Discussion Boards
  • HomePage Address
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     X-Forum bulletin board is a simple bulletin board written in PERL. This message board is provided with several advanced features like posting limitations, e-mail notification for all members, templates, graphical-smileys, moderating tools etc. This board is featured with several security features that includes banning of member's, IP's and IP blocks, word censors, logging of member action's, events and network IP's etc.

Top Perl scripts
1).   E.Z. Board 6 E.Z. Board 6 the new and easiest way to create your own interactive community on net.
2).   CuteCast CuteCast is a web-based discussion forum application written in Perl. It supports both unix and NT platforms. Visual cutecast is a feature where plugins can be added like, a shopping cart, game or chat etc.
3).   MYBoard MySQL based Bulletin Board/Forum system. Forums can be displayed threaded or not. Email notifications of responses. Multiple forums etc
4).   9Volt+ Unlimited boards - each customized just the way you like it and fully threaded. Unlimited, personal, colored membership handles.
5).   My WebBoard My WebBoard is an easy to install PERL discussion board that helps users to post topics on several issues to make online discussions with the website visitors.
6).   Mini Forum Mini Forum is a program built on PERL which helps users to run an online forum on their websites. It supports template to suit users websites layout.
7).   Emaze Forums Emaze Forums is a simple web based discussion board with MySQL backend and allows users to post topics for online discussions.
New Perl scripts
1).   Ruboard Ruboard is a simple and effective discussion board written in PERL that supports multiple boards for a single program and allowing users to post topics for discussions.
2).   Speakers Corner Speakers Corner is an online discussion board in PERL with snippet file technology designed to suit the needs of large intranets in discussing various issues and topics.
3).   MessageBulletin MessageBulletin is an online discussion board in perl containing forums to post topics for threaded discussions with a preview and printed date of postings.
4).   ScareCrow Message Board ScareCrow Message Board is a simple online discussion board that provides users with both private and public forums to subscribe for a topic at post to discuss on various issues.
5).   AtlantForum AtlantForum is a simple and efficient discussion board in PERL where users can post messages and are provided with a text based database to store all the messages of the board.
6).   Funender Music MP3 Music Hosting Forums This script is used for generating a website with online forum from which the site visitors can discuss about MP3 world music and also they can post their comments regarding to MP3 musics.
7).   Forum Forum is an efficient and simple online discussion board with which users can post topics for discussions with a powerful back office administration. Admins of this board are provided with the ablity to add and remove postings from the board.
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